The Test -       Can you name - - -
This House and where it is?
This town?
This town and what pastry one can find there?
This town and where the picture was taken
Thanks to the Wayne and Hannah Cornelius Family for a great 2005 Cornelius Family Reunion
Leo and Maxine Richter Family
(left to right)
Kim (Richter) Siedell
Mike Siedell
Maxine (Cornelius) Richter
Chris Siedell
Darren Richter
Sharon Richter
Jeff Richter
First Cousins
(left to right)
Sherry (Waterman) Burghardt
Tresa (Cornelius) Sewick
Robin Cornelius Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow
Shelley (Waterman) Bengtson
Jeff Richter, Cindy (Nelson) Creason
Mike Bednarz,  Jan Bednarz Jane (Bednarz) Kain 
Elmer Cornelius, Jr. Ed Nelson, Jr.
Ed and Marion Nelson Family
(left to right)
Ashley Stokes
Michelle Stokes
Paula Groves
all daughters of
Cindy (Nelson) Creason (red top)
continuing left to right:
Ed Nelson Jr. &  Jan Nelson
Marion (Nelson) Campana (back)
Josh Tidyman holding Cheyenne
Nicole (Campana) Tidyman
Lou Campana, Anthony Campana (back)
Anthony’s girlfriend (front)
Elmer & Leona Cornelius Family
(left to right):
Elmer Cornelius Jr. (Son)
Mary Leona Cornelius
James Cornelius (Grandson)
The "Ends"
Can you name this year's contestants for the beautiful butt?
Wayne (the Sheriff) Cornelius, on the move.
John and Dorothy Bednarz Family
Left to Right:
Jane (Bednarz) Kain,
Jan Bednarz, Mike Bednarz
McKenna Kain (Jane's granddaughter)
Ray and Jessie Waterman Family (left to right) Back Row
James Bengtson, Chris Burghardt
Sherry (Waterman) Burghardt
Shelley (Waterman) Bengtson
Middle Row:
Matt Bengtson, Ray Waterman
Jessie Waterman Jacob Burghardt
Front Row:
Grant and Nick Burghardt
Second Cousins: (left to right)
Back Row
Graham Neary, BJ (Bo)Borisow, Darren Richter, 4?(hidden behind yellow shirt), Jacob Burghardt,
Middle Row
Paula Groves, Ashley Stokes, Josh Kern, Mikala Rezac(hidden behind Josh) , Louis Masters, Meghan Masters, Taylor Sewick,
Matt Bengtson, Nick Burghardt
Front Row
James Cornelius, Maiya Masters(in stroller), Hannah Masters(right knee), Tara  Borisow, Alexis Masters(left knee), 6?(pink top), Grant Burghardt, Makenzie Rezac(looking back)
Down Front
Keagan Kern (in walker)
Leona Cornelius, Jane (Bednarz) Kain, and Jane's Grandaughter, McKenna Kain
Hannah Cornelius introduces the "Cornelius Banner Project".  This should be a great addition to the reunion in '06. Has everyone completed theirs???
Click here to see completed panels.
The Wayne and Hannah Cornelius Family (left to right)
Back Row
Graham Neary (cool shades), Melissa Sewick, BJ (Bo)Borisow, and (Family Sheriff) Wayne Cornelius
2nd Row
  Tresa Sewick, Robin Cornelius (holding grandson Keagan Kern), Mikala Rezac(just head showing), Josh Kern with arm on wife Daina Kern , Rhonda Borisow, Louis Masters, Meghan Masters holding Alexis Masters, Taylor Sewick , Tom Sewick, Hannah Cornelius, Ron Charter
Front Row
Dusty Heinke (in red shirt) behind Claire & Josh Kern II (in front), Bradon (orange shirt) in front of his Mom Daina Kern, Maiya Masters (napping), Hannah Masters (leaning on,)Tara  Borisow
Josh Tidyman feeding Cheyenne (look at that little hand)
Cindy (Nelson) Creason’s Family
(left to right) Cindy's daughter, Paula Groves
Cindy's granddaughter, Ashley Stokes
Cindy's Daughter, Michelle Stokes
Cindy is in the red top.
The Registration Table
Jacob Burghardt, Jan Bednarz, Mike Bednarz
Jacob, Jan, and Mike; note Ray Waterman holding down the table
Ed Nelson and Mike Bednarz
(left to right) Ray Waterman,Ed Nelson, Mike Bednarz, and windblown mystery woman lingering over a good meal.
Tom Sewick checks out second helpings of the great food.
Hannah and Alexis Masters after the water fight
Keagan Kern will always pause for a photo-op
Maiya Jan Masters
"Miss Bright Eyes 2005"
Someone left a water gun - - - -
Mike Siedell and  Kim (Richter) Siedell behind Grandson James, and Leona Cornelius
(left to right) Ray Waterman, Leona Cornelius, Nick Burghardt, Chris Burghardt, James Bengtson
Nicole (Campana) Tidyman and Tara Borisow rule this end of the table but where is Kegan?
(left to right) Cindy (Nelson) Creason,
Tresa and Taylor Sewick (at the table),
Paula Groves, Ashley Stokes
Leona, Jessie, Maxine, Wayne
Makenzie Lyn Rezac
The Test -       Can you name - - -
The Test -       Can you name - - -