Hannah Cornelius and Wayne Cornelius
Great Grandparents of Julian
Julian Sewick
Robin Cornelius - Joe Wojcik
Amber Wojcik - Ty Wojcik
Josh and CC (Claire) Kern
Tom and Tresa Sewick
Christmas 2001
Taylor and "Santa" Tom Sewick
Joshua Kern and son Joshua Jon
REBA The Wonder Dog
Melissa - Amy - Michael Sewick
Rhonda - B.J. - Tara Borisow
Christmas 2001
Robin (Cornelius) Wojcik
Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow
Vegas Vacation- Jan 2002
Waiting for the arrival of Megan & Louis Masters new baby girl, Maiya Jan Masters, Oct 2004.
Rhonda Borisow, Tresa Sewick, Hannah Cornelius,
Bo Borisow, Melissa Sewick and Megan Borsiow
(all smiles before the hard labor began)
The Wayne and Hannah Cornelius Family at the 2005 reunion (left to right)
Back Row
Graham Neary (cool shades), Melissa Sewick, BJ (Bo)Borisow, and (Family Sheriff) Wayne Cornelius
2nd Row
  Tresa Sewick, Robin Cornelius (holding grandson Keagan Kern), Mikala Rezac(just head showing), Josh Kern with arm on wife Daina Kern , Rhonda Borisow, Louis Masters, Meghan Masters holding Alexis Masters, Taylor Sewick , Tom Sewick, Hannah Cornelius, Ron Charter
Front Row
Dusty Heinke (in red shirt) behind Claire & Josh Kern II (in front), Bradon (orange shirt) in front of his Mom Daina Kern, Maiya Masters (napping), Hannah Masters (leaning on,)Tara  Borisow
Makenzie Rezac loving the great out-doors
CC (Claire) Kern
growing up two teeth at a time.
Proud Grandma, Robin Wojcik will never be hungry or lack for love with Grandchildren like these around.
Josh Kern, Grandma Robin's oldest grandson is able to provide for the family already!
Josh and Josh obviously in their "element" and proud of the results.
These are the new members of the Sewick family, except for Sarge down front. For details, click the picture and go to the Pets Page
Josh and Dana's sons Braydon (above left) and Keagan (avobe right) showing their catch for Grandma Robin.
Alexis Masters (daughter of Meghan and Louis Masters,) and cousin Ella Neary, ( daughter of Hilary Neary and Kort Neary,) decked out in cousin Hannah Masters crown!
Don and Brenda Neary's Grandson Gus and his cousin, Hannah Masters (daughter of Meghan and Louis Masters,)
Maiya Jan Masters (youngest daughter of Meghan and Louis Masters,) with cousin Gus (August) Neary, (son of Hilary Neary and Kort Neary, Grandson of Brenda's .)
Josh Kern is the son of Robin Cornelius-Wojcik and the kids belong to Grandma Robin
Josh, Josh Jr. and Keagan Kern
CC Kern
CC and Josh Kern
Kegan and Josh Kern
Kegan Kern
Wayne and his ladies out on the town!