And a Danish one at that !
This year's Family Reunion (OOPs - FAMILY FIESTA)
was sponsored by the Ray and Jessie Waterman Family
AKA The Waterman's  L-R Ray, Jessie, Scott, Cindy, Regina, Shelley and Matt Bengtson
Wayne Cornelius Family

Hannah Cornelius
Jarod Borisow
Mikala Rezac
Mackenzie Rezac (little girl)
Robin Wojcik
Tom Sewick
Wayne Cornelius Sr
Richter Family

(L-R Back)
Mike Siedell
Rick Landis
Kathy Landis
Jeff Richter
Darren Richter
Jason Richter
Bobbi Lass (Jason's fiancé)CONGRATULATIONS 
Jason and Bobbi !!

( L-R Front ) 
Chris Siedell
Kim Siedell
Sharon Richter 
Maxine Richter
Bednarz Family

Glenn Brown
Marianne Brown
Jan Bednarz
McKenna Kain
Jane Kain
Jeanette Bednarz
Jonathan Bednarz   (holding Alyssa Bednarz)
Tara Holms
Nick Holms
The Grunt at Work AKA Ray
Jessie Ann Waterman
Marianna Brown and McKenna Kain
(L-R) Jonathan Bednarz, Nick Holms, Jessie Waterman holding Alyssa Bednarz, Tara Holms
Dog Walkers 
Bobbi Lass, Jason Richter, Darren Richter
(L-R) Scott Waterman, Jan Bednarz, Jeanette Bednarz, Alyssa Bednarz,  Jonathan Bednarz  (back)
Great Aunt Maxine supervising Piñata pick up
Three Amigo's in conference to decide where we should hang the Piñata
My decision "Hang 'em High Great Aunt Maxine, Great Uncle Wayne and Great Aunt Jessie Ann".
Tootsie Roll contest participants, Sharon, Nick, McKenna
Brown Family  - Glenn, Marianne, McKenna
Cousins, Mckenna Kain  and Alyssa Bednarz
Shelley Bengtson and Jeanette Bednarz
Cindy and Regina Waterman
Jeanette Bednarz and Sharon Richter
Jon Scott Waterman, Alyssa and Jonathan Bednarz
Great Aunt Jeanette Bednarz and Alyssa Bednarz
Great, Great Aunt Jessie Ann Waterman
and Alyssa Marie Bednarz
This final group should explain what (or who) these reunions are all about.
Enjoying the spoils of the Piñata
Robin Wojcik
Jan Bednarz won the prize for getting her card filled out first
People Walkers
Tinker Bell and Casey