Thanks to the Bednarz Family for hosting this year's reunion.
John and Dorothy would be proud.
Maxine Richter (Cornelius) and her brother
Wayne Cornelius
Jan Bednarz and Sonny Nelson
with Chef Mike Bednarz in the background
Jane Bednarz Kain and Jeanette Bednarz in the dark shirts with KcKenna Kain age 6 (grandaughter to Jane) and Jan Nelson - Sonny Nelson's wife.
Chef Mike Bednarz, son of
Dorothy Cornelius Bednarz and John Bednarz
L-R: Sharon Richter, Dan Richter, Kim Richter Siedelll,
Kathy Richter Landis, Maxine Cornelius Richter, Rich Landis,
and Jim Richter
OUTLAWS (Lucky to be married into the Cornelius Family)
Left to Right: 
Sharon Richter, Rick Landis, Jan Nelson, Tom Sewick
Front Row Left to Right:

Kevin Meyer (Rhonda's friend)
Rhonda Borisow
Melissa Sewick
Tresa Sewick
Taylor Sewick
Tom Sewick
Hanna Cornelius
Wayne Cornelius

Back Row Left to Right:
BJ Borisow
Tara Borisow and son Kale
COUSINS Future Generations L-R:
Tara Borisow, James Kain, Melissa Sewick, BJ Borisow, Taylor Sewick, Matt Bengston
The Older Generation L-R:
Ed Nelson, Jane Bednarz Kain, Jim Richter, Kim Richter Landis, Dan Richter, Shelly Waterman, Jan Bednarz, Jeanette Bednarz, Tresa Sewick, Mike Bednarz, Rhonda Borisow
Ed "Sonny" and Jan Nelson. 
Ed is the son of Marion Cornelius Nelson and Ed Nelson
Jeff Richter, Sharon Richter, Dan Richter, Kim Richter Siedell, Kathy Richter Landis, Jim Richter, Maxine Cornelius Richter
McKenna Kain age 6, and Kale Bo Borisow age ?
Jonathon Bednarz
Jeanette Bednarz
Tara Holms - friend of Jonathan
Shelly Bengston (daughter of Jessie Cornelius Waterman and Ray Waterman)
and her son Matt
Mike Bednarz, Jan Bednarz, James Kain, Jeanette Bednarz, Jane Bednarz Kain and down front, McKenna Kain
Jane Bednarz Kain and Nephew Jonathan Bednarz
Mike Bednarz and Shelly Bengston