Michael, and his Mom, Tresa Sewick
Michael, Amy, and Julian Sewick, Tom Sewick, (friend Hallie) Taylor Sewick
Thanks to Ed and Jan Nelson for sponsoring the 2006 Cornelius Family Reunion.
This years reunion was held in Hooper, and in memory of Ed's mom, who is known to most of the family as Aunt Marion.  Apparently she wanted to make her presence known, so this reunion was a bit warm.  Ed and Jan put old-fashioned sweat into getting it together this year, and everyone else contributed their share at the reunion.  That's the way Aunt Marion would have wanted it.
The Richter's, minus Mom Maxine, she was missed:
We took a vote, and decided to make Aunt Marion's special friend Don, an "honorary member" of the Cornelius family!
Back row from left:

Michael Sewick, The Sheriff - Wayne Cornelius, Alexis Masters held by BJ Borisow, and Rhonda's guest, Ken

3rd row from left:
Amy Sewick (with dog) Hannah, Rhonda Borisow, Tresa and Tom Sewick

2nd row from left:
Hallie (Taylor's friend,) Taylor Sewick & Meghan Masters

Front row from left:
Julian Sewick and Hannah Masters
Wayne Cornelius and Jessie (Cornelius) Waterman
Holding up the tree are 2nd cousins:
Julian Sewick, Hannah and Alex Masters,
and McKenna Kain with Maiya Masters in front.
"Sheriff Wayne" and his Deputies:
Jane Kain, McKennna Kain, Janice Bednarz
Jessie, Wayne, Don, and this years' Sponsors Ed and Jan Nelson, enjoying a spot of shade.
The heat couldn't keep the Bednarz/Kain girls away, and look we're even smiling!
Sheriff Wayne captured little sister Jess, but couldn't keep her in Nebraska!
Hot but happy, we're getting to eat all that good food:
Don't let the smiles fool you, we're melting as we sit here!
From left:  Mike Siedell, Kathy, Kim (Richter) Siedell,
Jeff and Sharon Richter and their boys Darren and Jason.
The Waterman Family L-R
Jessie Waterman, Matt Bergstrom, Shelley Bergstrom,
and Ray Waterman
Don Meyer and Ray Waterman
Don bringing up the end of the buffet line.
Meghan Masters with Maiya Masters
and daughters Hanna and Alex (across the table)
"Sheriff Wayne" and his number-one deputy, Hannah
Shelley and Matt Bengtson
Teressa and Tom Sewick
(is someone supposed to go fill that plate?
Rhonda Borisow. Friend of Jasons', Darren Richter, Jeff Richter, Kim Siedell
A Conga-line waiting for the music?
OK, what has Matt been up to now?