(L/R)  Matt Bengtson, Nick Burghardt - Sherry (Waterman) Burghardt - Grant Burghardt -
Jacob Burghardt (back - gray shirt) Ray Waterman - Jessie (Cornelius) Waterman - Shelley (Waterman) Bengtson
(L/R)  Marion (Cornelius) Nelson - Wayne Cornelius -
Jessie (Cornelius) Waterman - Maxine (Cornelius) Richter
Brother and Sisters
Marion (Cornelius) Nelson Family
(L/R) Ed Nelson, Jr. - Marion Nelson - Don Meyer (friend)
Maxine (Cornelius) Richter and Family
(Back Row L/R) Darren Richter - Jason Richter, Kathy (Richter) Landis - Jeff Richter - Rick Landis - Kimberly (Richter) Siedell  Kay Richter - Jim Richter - Maxine Richter
(Front Row L/R) Sharon Richter (red shirt) - Mike Siedell -
Chris Siedell
Wayne Cornelius Family
(Back Row L/R) Jeremy Fox - Tara (Borisow) Fox - Linda Fox (Jeremy's mother) - Ron Charter (Rhonda's friend)
Louis Masters - Amy Sewick - Michael Sewick (back) -
Hannah Cornelius - Wayne Cornelius - Melissa Sewick - Bob Schmidt (Melissa's fiance) - Meagan Winckler (friend of Taylor Sewick)
(Middle  Row L/R) (kneeling) Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow -  Meghan (Borisow) Masters - Tresa (Cornelius) Sewick -
Tom Sewick - Taylor Sewick
(Front Row L/R) Hannah Masters, Alexis Masters, Julian Sewick
A special "Thanks"
to the Ray Waterman Family
                                    for hosting this Year's Reunion
Cornelius Family Reunion - 2004
First Cousins
Second Cousins
(L/R)  Tresa (Cornelius) Sewick - Shelley (Waterman) Bengtson - Sherry (Waterman) Burghardt - Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow - Jan Bednarz, Jim Richter - Jane (Bednarz) Kain - Ed Nelson, Jr., Kim (Richter) Siedell -
Jeff Richter - Kathy (Richter) Landis
(Back Row L/R) Michael Sewick - Amy Sewick - Chris Siedell - Tara Fox - Meghan Masters - Louis Masters (back) - James Kain, Marianne Kain - Jacob Burghardt
(Front Row L/R) Julian Sewick - Taylor Sewick - Alexis Masters - Hannah Masters - McKenna Kain - Grant Burghardt - Nick Burghardt - Matt Bengtson
(L/R) Skye Manzer (friend of James) - Marianne Kain with McKenna Kain (on shoulders) - James Kain (back)
Jan Bednarz - Jane (Bednarz) Kain
The late Dorothy (Cornelius) Bednarz family
Tom & Tresa Sewick family
(L/R) Taylor Sewick - Tom Sewick - Tresa (Cornelius) Sewick - Amy Sewick holding Julian - Michael Sewick - Melissa Sewick - Bob Schmidt
Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow and family
(Back Row L/R) Linda Fox - Jeremy Fox -
Tara (Borisow) Fox - Louis Masters,
(Front Row L/R) Ron Charter - Rhonda (Cornelius) Borisow - Meghan (Borisow) Masters
(Very Front Row L/R) Alexis and Hannah Masters
"The Outlaws" or (in-laws)
(L/R) Jeremy Fox - Linda Fox - Louis Masters - Ray Waterman -
Tom Sewick - Hannah Cornelius - Amy Sewick - Mike Siedell - Sharon Richter - Kay Richter - Don Meyer
The Contest
Guessing the number of "tootsie rolls" are:
(L/R) Skye Manzer - Shelley Bengtson - Jane Bednarz - Jacob Burghardt
Larry, Moe and Curly. Now guess who is Curly?????
These are better known as Marion Jessie and Maxine - you guess which is which.
Who started this tradition anyhow?
We've been doing this a long time!
Thanks to our 'Uncle Jim', for giving us a way to share them.
within recent memory ?
'Wish we had been there!
Leona & Elmer